Interactive Speech Technology (IST), the latest generation of voice services, automates phone interactions with people.

Speech solutions use customized voice scripts and menus to present information and options to callers, using touch-tone telephone keypad or voice prompts to gather responses. Our multi-channel services can be delivered over any communication device, including - phone, mobile phone, PDA, fax, email, and text. Our IST platform replaces traditional expensive manual calls.

Working with your existing hardware and software infrastructure, we can transform any data element in your system's database into a spoken message. We also provide you with the results of our calls so that your information system can be automatically updated.


“Automated notifications are the most effective means of patient contact I have ever worked with”.

Caylon Cannon
VP – Billing
DaVita Laboratories

Our tiered services include –

• Unattended messaging
• Touch tone IVR
• Interactive Speech
• Inbound and Outbound calls