Key components of the program –

• We can leave messages, run scripts, or transfer the call to you.
• We have 30,000 available ports.
• We have made over 500 million successful outbound calls.
• We use professional voice talent.
• We support 20 different languages.
• Our multi-channel services can be delivered over any communication device, including - phone, mobile phone, PDA, fax, email, web, text and print.
• Fully HIPAA compliant.

“I have worked with IVR technology for years. Voicemed has one of the best services and healthcare industry experience of any company I have seen.”

Peter Lee, FHFMA
Prosperus LLC

Key features of our service include

Text to Speech –
specific information about the patient (name, balance size, account number, etc.) can be spoken as part of the script.

Whisper to Agents –
this capability offers a “whisper” to the agent advising them of an incoming call, an associated account number and a reason for the transfer.
Remote agents –
agents can be located in different call centers (including outsourced agents).
Automated Campaign Throttle -
pacing can be accelerated or reduced based on hold times.
Controlled Campaign –
Provider can elect to launch, pause or stop campaigns on its own.
Campaign building –
Provider can build custom campaigns for special purposes.
Answering machine detection -
can differentiate between live answer and answering machine.
Provider Caller ID –
Provider’s caller ID can be captured, increasing answer rates.
Customer messaging –
using a PIN number, the patient can retrieve personalized messages 24/7.
The Voicemed Difference

Our approach takes a generational leap beyond other options by offering leading edge voice solutions. We ensure timely, consistent interactions with your patients. Any request to speak with an agent will be routed directly to your staff. This results in more productive use of your team, because they no longer have to spend time making expensive outbound calls. Instead, they will be handling “warm” inbound calls from patients ready to speak with you. You can expect an increase in revenue, lower costs, a better client experience, and greater control. There is no resource more valuable – and costly – in delivering exceptional customer service than your staff, so it is essential that they are focused on high-value work, instead of making routine outbound calls.